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Eat Nourish Thrive Sabrina Tagliafierro Barb Woegerer

Sabrina & Barb

Wellness is a lifetime practice.  Every small choice can lead you toward better health, integrating your physical, emotional and spiritual vitality.  We all have our own unique and evolving wellness story that changes over the course of a lifetime.  Our approach to health and wellness is holistic, recognizing that each of us is starting from a distinctive place; bringing different strengths and vulnerabilities.  We inspire, motivate, educate and support you in your journey so you can live your best life ever! 


Yoga retreat

Join us at Sherwood Farms in King City on May 28, 2017 to explore the power of you in this one day wellness retreat. Relax, renew and reconnect enjoying a day in the country to replenish body, mind and spirit.  This day retreat includes:  2 yoga classes, wellness talk, nature meditation walk,  acupressure/aromatherapy class and a nutritious lunch & snacks.  

Words of Wisdom


Join us at Shanti Retreat on Wolfe Island August 18-20, 2017. A weekend to nourish with yoga, meditation and delicious whole foods. Discover the power to heal, grow and awaken by deepening self awareness.

A Little Love...

Sabrina and Barb have created a cleansing program that is not only healthy, but I never felt hungry . There is variety in the delicious meal choices which I also liked.  I tried new recipes and food combos as well.  Best of all, I lost weight and reduced inflammation.

Lynne Ogren 

The 7-Day Cleanse to Energize program by Sabrina and Barb is a very rich and empowering program.  I would certainly recommend that each person tries it at least once in their lifetime in order to experience what it would feel like to rid their bodies from as much toxins as possible and start anew.  The wealth of information received before and during these 7 days is amazing.  For me, it is an eye opener and I will definitely make some changes in my lifestyle to accommodate the needs of my body and soul.

Magda Amin
Holistic Therapist